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Technology of number of international of 2007 China Beijing reachs industrial ex
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Begin date: 2007-12-5
End date: 2007-12-7
Exhibit place: Beijing international exhibits a center a house (north of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east road 6)
Run an unit: Network address:

Show product range: Limits of item on display:

Area of digital finished product: Family of computer product and circumjacent hardware, LCD TV, number consumes kind of electron, mobile phone, communication and individual intelligence device
Electronic component area: Consumptive sex electron, car corresponds with electron, mobile phone equipment of 0 component, circuit board, module, circuit board, SMT equipment
Advanced semiconductor reachs applied area: Semiconductor spare parts, passive yuan of parts of an apparatus, jumper and jumper device, enclose / to check / to assemble
Photoelectricity area: Photoelectricity shows, material of bad news of photoelectricity component and material, smooth communication, photoelectricity
Technical equipment division: Appearance of instrument of factory production facilities, production equipment and material, electron, detect device
Software and information serve an area: Manufacturing industry application software, business serves with application software, communication and multimedia
Professional media division: Planar media, electron media, network media
Other specification: Exhibit meeting description:
Technology of number of international of “ China Beijing and industrial exhibition ” (number of China of “ of the following abbreviation exhibits ” , CDS) it is in the light of digital industry all sorts of technologies reach a product, include: Product of electron of equipment of electronic IT, communication, consumption and relevant high end yuan what parts of an apparatus, business uses the place such as software to hold is professional activity, purchase to join meeting enterprise to supply a brand-new part, information is collected, communication, reveal, the omnibus platform that technology of refer of trade be in harmony cooperates, those who assist an enterprise to contact the new client, newest tendercy that knows line of business of one's own profession to improve company and product is famous degree. Reveal content to divide in all it is 6 kinds big: Equipment of component of digital finished product, electron, advanced semiconductor and application, photoelectricity, technology, software and information serve. Representing the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to provide the industry of dimensions and actual strength to organize most respectively as hanse of the chamber of commerce of imports and exports of Chinese mechanical and electrical products that sponsors an unit and Taipei city computer, the international that will sufficient union is abounded severally for years, home does exhibit experience, the market fixed position that holds to B2B, specialization management and the concept that manage for a long time, progressively compose builds Chinese number to exhibit can medium leadership position is exhibited in global number industry, promote the development of digital industry. Thematic catchphrase: CDS ——Set out by Beijing, make digital China!
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