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Technology of number of international of 2007 China Beijing reachs industrial ex
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Exhibit meeting window 1, the network outside sponsorring an unit to will depend on the within the country with extensive oneself and will accumulate the substantial travelling merchant natural resources that come down for years, include database of industry of global electron IT, collective ginseng exhibits the representative company that organizes country and the area such as Taiwan of Euramerican, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, China and Chinese Hong Kong. 2, by professional group specific and responsible whole flutter works, the level that shows by international major has plan and government. 3, work by right of efficient organization, offer with the person that look around for buyer before be being exhibited conveniently, exhibit counteract the service after exhibiting. 4, through professional media, public media, communal space, exhibit the media such as can special website to publicize method and thematic forum, seminar, press conference, brand to track wait for activity of form a complete set, the brand that postpones a business to joining, product, technology and service promotion have overall support.
Exhibit conference fixed position 1, of Beijing and the product of digital science and technology with 3 boreal the most professional areas and technology reveal regularly 2, the electronic IT major of sex of mark of area of annulus Bohai Sea is exhibited can 3, the classics trade platform that industry of number of pen of stimulative capital economy grows quickly 4
Already of 1 of the person that professional ginseng visits, big, medium, small look forward to sells business / to add value business, large user: Enterprise, scientific research, government, school, client of trafficker, OEM 2, the relevant enterprise of manufacturing industry of group of economy of annulus Bohai Sea and trade line of business 3, long triangle creates the relevant company that reachs trade line of business. 4, the mainland is other the enterprise of area electron manufacturing industry 5, the enterprise of manufacturing industry of East Asia electron

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