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2007 the United States (Las Vegas) exhibition of international car spare parts
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Begin date: 2007-10-30
End date: 2007-11-2
Exhibit place: Las Vegas conference center
Run an unit: The world in Shanghai can exhibit service limited company

Show product range: Limits of item on display: Commerce serves; The car maintains product and accessory; Car electron and technology; Maintain the market; Change one's costume or dress reach accessory; Steam lathe work provides facility; Cycle racing, car blocking man reach a part; Steel group and tire; Car design
Postpone meeting introduction:
The United States pulls Siweijiasi the grand meeting of trade of professional car product that SEMA steam deserves to exhibit is world the first of all. Assemble the most advanced thought inside course of study and most the product of sell like hot cakes, fittings of SEMA international steam is exhibited in infinite business chance was attracted come from the whole world 1825 enterprises of 100 many countries, to the professional personage 72 537 that visit person. Fittings of steam of 2005 SEMA international is exhibited exhibit a gross area to will exceed 2, 000, 000 square foot, exceed 50, of home of 000 United States and international buy the home to will visit this exhibiting.
Relevant setting:
Join WTO as China, while enterprise of domestic steam fittings is strengthening home market to develop, also more and more development that pay attention to pair of foreign market. In the American market that matchs industry to attribute world banner level in steam, buy what the home distributes a product to good in quality and cheap in price China steam professionally to note also be in warm up ceaselessly. Below auspicious situation, domestic company is in the process that develops North America market, the act that marchs blindly cannot take apparently, professional market network just is more scientific method inside the abroad job that adds maturity.
SEMA is in development process of 40 years, accumulated valuable market resource. Company of many 5200 member is had in the whole world nowadays, annual its member breaks through 27 billion beautiful circle in global turnover, already became North America to provide the network of steam fittings commerce of actual strength most. And fittings of annual SEMA international steam is exhibited, in SEMA commerce network strong support falls, the domestic company that is able to develop his skill to full in North America market for aspire offerred fittings of as professional as North America steam to buy the opportunity of a 0 distances contact. Exhibit through attending fittings of SEMA international steam, the enterprise can get first-hand market information, understand trends of North America market in the round, get order, infiltrate stage by stage North America market.

Exhibit membership due to use: The incoming telegram seeks advice
Organization of the corresponding period:
In May 2007 9-13 day: Exhibition of spare parts of Spanish international car
In May 2007 09-13 day: Car of polish 2007 international is exhibited
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