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2007 the United States (Las Vegas) exhibition of international car spare parts
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In May 2007 23-27 day: Auto industry exhibits the 15th Wukelan
On June 7, 2007 - 11 days: Egypt international car reachs spare parts exhibition
In July 2007 12-14 day: Treatment of spare parts of Mexican international car, raw material reachs after service exhibition
In October 2007 15-20 day: Component of car of French Paris international reachs equipment exhibition
On October 30, 2007- - to on November 3: The United States pulls Siweijiasi international car spare parts and after service exhibition
January 2008 12-17 day: 2008 India (Xin Deli) international car, autocycle and spare parts are exhibited (have in accessory exhibit meeting data specificly)
Other specification: The world in Shanghai can exhibit service limited company
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