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The United States pulled Siweijiasi 2008 international consumes kind of electron
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Country: The United States
City: The United States pulls Siweijiasi
Sponsor an unit: Manufacturers Association of American electron consumable (abbreviation CEA)
Conference time: [2008-01-14] comes [2008-01-20]
Exhibit meeting address: The United States pulls Siweijiasi international conference center
Exhibit house title: The United States pulls Siweijiasi international conference center
Network address: Http://
Contact: Mr Chen
Phone: 0592-3803899
Mobile phone:
Fax: 0592-3803898
Conference content:
Attend about forming a delegation the United States pulled Siweijiasi 2008
International consumes kind of electronic product exhibition (CES) announcement
Should exhibit by Manufacturers Association of American electron consumable (abbreviation CEA) is sponsorred, siweijiasi was pulled every year to hold in the world-renowned —— that bet a city in January, it is the biggest, influence is most extensive on the world consume kind of electron technology year exhibit, also be the distinguished gathering of consumptive technology industry with the greatest whole world. This exhibition is professional strong, trade result is good, enjoy on the world quite tall famous degree. The CES of calendar year is exhibited all can gather the tradition of current and best show consumes kind of electron manufacturer and IT core manufacturer, they brought the most advanced technology concept and product, attracted the fan of numerous equipment of new and high technology, person that use and industry audience.
The 40th exhibition exhibited 2007 net area 1.8 million square foot (add up to 180 thousand square metre about) , the product of digital home appliance of couplet net and product of high definition video are the focus of current exhibition as before. Player of video of the biggest liquid crystal TV on the world before the newest electron product that appears this on exhibition includes to look and plasma TV, newest MP4, newest La Guang is muti_function smooth dish engraves collection machine and the Laguang that broadcast machine, newest capacity to be as high as 30G. Microsoft still was publicized mainly on exhibition newest the operating system WINDOWS VISTA that roll out, whole system will provide the overall support of component of pair of memory of newest high-powered number. Professional audience 150000 person-time, the ginseng that comes from 110 many nations of world and area postpones a business nearly 2600, include Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, Suo Ni, pine to fall among them, the international such as riverside of 3 ocean, Xia Pu, pioneer, Toshiba, flying benefit is famous enterprise. Letter of sea Er of China, sea, Kang Jia, mansion China, a tall building is new, achieve dimension, first division, 10 thousand benefit are amounted to, on well-known company joins the close a hunderd schools such as wide report exhibit, be gotten acquainted with in all and recieve the new old client that comes from the 50 many countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, central america and South America and middle east area 2692, reach value the commerce contract of 31.53 million dollar and the intentional trade agreement of 57.99 million dollar, the commodity that clinch a deal basically has system of liquid crystal TV, LCD, Che Zaiying sound, earphone, satellite to receive cable of wire of equipment, electron, network to check product, power source, transformer, converter, charger and batteries to wait. Should exhibit one of important medium of communication that already made Chinese electron product export the United States, my department will continue to organize domestic company to attend the CES 2008 to exhibit meeting.
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