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The United States pulled Siweijiasi 2008 international consumes kind of electron
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Postpone meeting circumstance introduction
Extend meeting time: On January 7, 2008 - 10 days
Exhibit meeting site: The United States pulls Siweijiasi international conference center (center of LVCC) , Las Vegas HILTON,
SANDS shows public house of Venetian of center, Venetians Hotel
Showpiece content:
1, consumptive electron product: TV of domestic movie theater, liquid crystal, LCD, DVD cuts collection engine,
DVD broadcasts amplifier of product of product of TV of machine, MP3, MP4, satellite, blue tooth, power, loudhailer,
Equipment of plane of sport of musical instrument of phonograph of all sorts of acoustics of equipment of equipment of car acoustics, batteries, electron gift, kinescope, high fidelity equipment, seeing and hearing, camera, radio, combination, car acoustics, lamps and lanterns, horological, laser, electron, electron, picturephone, broadcasting television and product of form a complete set.
2, communication hardware, software and service: The transmission equipment such as cable of technology of mobile communication and voice news report, number news report, image communication, broadcast communication, satellitic communication technology, communication and cable. Product of computer fittings, mobile phone fittings, phone, network, peripheral reachs fittings
3, relevant electron yuan parts of an apparatus and electronic material. Power source and firm calm sb's anger, electrical outlet, electron yuan fittings of parts of an apparatus, home appliance
Medium and small businesses develops international market fund
Should exhibit already can be included national “ medium and small businesses to develop key of ” of international market capital to support a project, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to be able to apply for stall to expend allowance, so that decrease,join the burden that postpones a business, encourage company exit. Because my department is held 2008 the best position of Chinese house and booth digit is finite, ask so fast sign up. I manage will according to sign up reach those who pay fee signing up early or late ordinal priority assignment is exhibited.

Stall configuration
Standard of every 9 square metre exhibits offer prop to be as follows: 3 wallboard, carpet, lintel board, 3 shoot 6 basket of a 3 a piece of the lamp, table, chairs, paper, bookshelves board. If join,exhibit a company to need to add lease other stage property (my department will provide optional content later) , by produce charge collection actually.

Ginseng exhibit formalities
1, fill in ginseng extend application form;
2, my department allots ginseng exhibit confirmation, you pay according to confirmation exhibit a deposit;
3, fill in invitation letter is relevant form, affirmatory ginseng is exhibited number and the type that follow a group;
4, before invitation letter sends you, you exhibit the requirement on confirmation to pay according to joining exhibit a cost, conduct propaganda cost to reach cost signing up;
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