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The United States pulled Siweijiasi 2008 international consumes kind of electron
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5, after visa is passed, ask according to yours arrangement item on display is carried, you pay personnel in time each more than money such as cost;
Hai Lei exhibits the form a complete set that business provides to serve to join
1, exhibit can seek advice, stall is booked;
2, the visa of man-to-man individuation coachs, make visa arrangement for you;
3, offer piece exhibit manual and considerate and best ground to receive a service;
4, the spot is collected purchase business calling card, the editor is become book;
5, assistance deals with allowance of medium and small businesses;
6, offer exhibit analysis of meeting previous term or session, exhibit enterprise reference for joining;
7, the form that makes with the member, exhibit an enterprise to offer free network promotion to join, relevant industry is newest outside offerring a country at the same time purchase information;
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