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Dozenth exhibition of products of wire of etc of an international electrical wir
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Begin date: 2007-11-7
End date: 2007-11-9
Exhibit place: (Beijing) China International trade centre
Run an unit: (Beijing) China International trade centre

Show product range: Wire is made reach finish machining machine for 12%
Cable is made reach finish machining machine for 40%
Material and cable of special type wire are 13%
Auxiliary treatment material is 11%
Fastener is made reach finish machining machine for 7%
Treatment facilities is 5%
Relevant domain is for 4%
Bedspring is made reach finish machining machine for 3%
Measure accuse a technology for 3%
Other 2%

Other specification: Setting
Asian wire cable (Wire Asia) only then achieve with 1982, it is the exhibition of the industry of lumber of dedicated line cabled yarn that enters China the earliest. Heretofore, already 24 years, held 11 already successfully, shared the well-known company that comes from 24 countries such as China, United States, England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia, Belgian, Holand, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norwegian, Canada, Korea, Japan and area to attend Asian wire cable to exhibit.

The Beijing of boom of market information —
Well-known, chinese Beijing was obtained 2008 of the Olympic Games sponsor authority, beijing government decision is in 5 years of future, throw 180 billion yuan of RMBs record-breakingly to be used at urban infrastructure construction. According to preliminary estimation, beijing and the circumjacent wire cable of the area and fiber-optic cable expenditure will achieve above of 20 billion yuan of RMB.
Be in namely attract worldwide attention 2008 of the Olympic Games undertake Beijing of ground —— capital, olympic Games project will be comprehensive 2007 complete, beijing Olympic Games will attract global investor 2008, strengthen the investment of heavy industry especially, include the public facilities construction of all around, this will make industry of Chinese wire cable lifts a climax again.

Newest window
Forum of cable of 2007 Asias wire holds the corresponding period, we will continue to invite Malaysia key link wire association (SWAM) , limited company of head office of electrical engineering facility of branch of cable of wire of association of material of report of electric equipment of consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan wire cable, Beijing, China and imports and exports of Chinese wire cable, they see company of the member below constituent banner this second exhibition grand meeting

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