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Information of international of 2008 Germany Han Nuowei reachs CeBIT of communic
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Country: Europe
Sponsor an unit: German Han Nuowei shows a company (Deutsche Messe AG)
Conference time: [2008-03-04] comes [2008-03-09]
Exhibit meeting address:  
Exhibit house title: German Han Nuowei exhibits a center
Network address: Http://
Contact: Miss Chen
Phone: 0755-25857785
Mobile phone: 13148855561
Conference content:
Extend a product range:
Business affairs application: The file runs plan, storage program; Systematic software, system government, network management, database, among, intelligence of service of system of development tool, operating system, administration, IT, commerce, knowledge management, content management; Company application includes ERP, CRM, SCM, production to carry out system, automatic data to collect; Information safety; The bag outside ICT.
Communication reachs a network: Fixed phone, telecommunication and Internet serve; Mobile and service; Broadcast reachs a satellite; Network component.
Digital facilities reachs a system: Number video, OA; The computer (personal computer, jotter, PDA) ; Computer fittings reachs a part; Electron of periphery of memory, computer, number; Indication technology; Advocate board reach fittings; Acoustical card, show clip; Product of electron of digital recreation, consumption.
The bank reachs finance: The bank installs equipment, device and technical equipment; The integral solution that finance serves; Bank equipment; Electron and mobile finance serve; Cash runs a system; Finance seeks advice from a service; Bank finance system; Capital world.

CeBIT exhibits meeting brief introduction to reach CeBIT 2007 reviewing:
CeBIT exhibition results from the exhibition of aims to show German product to the international market Han Nuowei industry that in Germany Hannuowei founded 1947 (Hannover Messe) the OA exhibits an area. 1970, meaning the German abbreviate that is “ office and IT center ” , one word of CeBIT appears on exhibition first. As the rapid development of 80 time personal computer, ceBIT broke away from exhibition of Han Nuowei industry finally 1986 and become independent IT to exhibit. Till today, ceBIT already developed the authoritative exhibition that makes the news with global the biggest dimensions, communication and software field.
Mutual 2007 come from the world to go up the 6153 enterprises ginseng of 77 many countries and area is exhibited. Showpiece net area 280202 square metre, distributing indoors nearly 30 outside exhibit a house inside. Audience amount exceeds 480 thousand person-time, relatively grew 10% 2006) , among them 380 thousand person-time is mixed for professional audience buy the home.

Can apply for medium and small businesses to extend capital, enjoy governmental subsidy! Exhibit finite, in hot action!
Hot line signing up: Miss Chen 0755-25857785 13148855561

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