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2008 exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring
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Country: Chinese Hong Kong
Sponsor an unit: Bureau of development of Hong Kong trade
Conference time: [2008-04-14] comes [2008-04-17]
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Contact: Miss Chen
Phone: 0755-25857785
Mobile phone: 13148855561
Conference content:
Exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring is sponsorred by bureau of development of Hong Kong trade, came to hold 4 already successfully 2007, should exhibit can aim to buy the home to exhibit to what come from the whole world the the novellest, toppest electron product, the businessman that is each district builds outstanding commerce platform, the development of the trade dealings of stimulative world each district and electronic industry. Exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring had 2007 come from the whole world 2 of 22 countries and area, 406 companies ginseng is exhibited, grow 6% compared to the same period, exhibit during meeting 4 days, attracted come from 153 countries and area major audience 51, 469 people come round to attend this grand meeting. Ginseng of 512 companies of 2007 home is exhibited, showpiece net area 5, 638.5 square metre, among them ” of house of “ China inland (congress hall) in whole exhibit in the meeting more suffer fully fix eyes upon, the exhibits business to be met to should be being exhibited result of 95% is very satisfactory, express to will continue to join 2008 exhibit.

To get used to the development of global brand effect, bureau of development of Hong Kong trade is in electron of Hong Kong spring was exhibited 2006 on rolled out ” of corridor of “ brand assemble, will exhibit an area to be set in most suffer 1 when fix eyes upon to exhibit a house. Once roll out,should exhibit an area, resonant and enthusiastic, enterprise of numerous global famous electron signs up eagerly ginseng exhibit; This ” of corridor of “ brand assemble holds to the electronic product that draws quality to exceed eminent to exhibit not only, and pay attention to the conduct propaganda of brand company image more, ” of corridor of assemble of whole “ brand decorates vogue decorous, hand in photograph reflect with quality exquisite product, trade to come round to negotiate bought the home to create distinctive environment, pair of appearance elephants that promoted product of electron of spring of whole Hong Kong exhibition. But still be restricted because of area place, the course sponsors square qualification test, only the country such as area of land of the home in coming from and Hong Kong, Taiwan and England, United States, Malaysia, Turkey, Italy and Japan in all 168 companies ginseng is exhibited. In 69 businesses that postpone in Chinese inland ginseng, the 38 home well-known company that has my company organization is joined at among them, showpiece net area amounts to 885 square metre, these enterprises all achieved the admirable result that extend trade. We believe 2008 spring the ” of corridor of “ brand assemble that exhibit will get more ginseng is exhibited enterprise and attend the meeting the favour that buys the home, will more wonderful.
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