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2008 exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring
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With the science and technology of “ international information that Hong Kong spring extends the corresponding period reads extensively (ICT EXPO)” will continue to exhibit a center at Hong Kong conference 5 houses exhibit. Shared the ginseng of many 570 enterprise that comes from 18 countries and area to exhibit 2007, inland of Australia, Canada, China, India, Ireland, Korea, Taiwan and England are seen at rich the area was established to exhibit a house inside the house, make the international breath of this house more grumous. 4 days are exhibited the meeting is mutual those who come from 123 countries and area is close 13000 buy the home to come round to look around negotiate business. As the swift and violent development of contemporary information and course of study of science and technology, need has more new conception, the product of new originality will get used to the demand of the market, the person that this exposition is each course of study namely provided a such good platform, make course of study person with the client can each other communicates market message, communication communication.

Postpone a business to make join can more ground and the contact that buy the home, go to the lavatory at the same time buy the home to learn to join the product trends that postpones a business each at any time in exhibition period around, from 2007 spring spread out only then, ministry of general affairs of exhibition of bureau of hair of Hong Kong trade and journal publish a ministry to hold combination ” of the exhibition on “ net. ” of the exhibition on “ net is to be based on Hong Kong trade to send bureau “ to purchase guideline ” platform, the photograph that passes through a product demonstrates to reach all sorts of searching for method, make buy the home to find appropriate ginseng to exhibit business and product easily. ” of the exhibition on “ net exhibits time is 5 months, will continue to exhibit an enterprise to provide this service for each ginseng 2008, hope more enterprises can project of the exhibition on free other net, more passing the network makes client and buy the home to be able to reach cooperative agreement for a long time. The expense that exhibits on net of these 5 months already was contained 2008 of exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring in exhibiting a cost, no longer separately collection. Each ginseng exhibits project of the exhibition on the net with free enterprise, can differ according to the choice separately pay cost. Join the Wu that postpone business to cooperate Hong Kong trade actively to send bureau journal to publish a ministry to make neat concerned material in time surely each please, so that login in time,get online. Choice of the exhibition on more net will be in other to come on stage subsequently, my department will inform separately.

Limits of item on display:
Exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring
Automation of office of ● of science and technology of household of ● of product of ● seeing and hearing and product of electron of equipment ● individual
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