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2008 exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring
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Electron of video product ● makes number of ● of service of trade of ● of product of component of electron of ● of product of communication of ● of ● electron fittings and security personnel of ● of product of health care of electron of manufacturing technology ● service
Lamp of ● of world of sound of image of ● of ● electric home appliances” of corridor of assemble of brand of “ of exhibition of product of electron of Hong Kong spring (Xin Yi a house)
Limits of ● item on display is Alexandrine, need to offer ginseng exhibit address of registered trade mark of item on display, trade catalogue, website.
Whether does the decision after bureau of ● trade hair should exhibit enterprise examine and verify to joining allow to be joined in ” of corridor of “ brand assemble exhibit.
International information science and technology reads extensively house (old ala 5 houses)
● network and electron of ● of solution of company of ● of science and technology of going from place to place content shedding and retail science and technology
● opens service of the bag outside science and technology of information of ● of life of number of source system ●
● commerce serves science and technology of ● native land originality

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