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Exhibition of equipment of industry of international of the 4th 2008 Syria
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Country: Other
City: Damascus
Sponsor an unit: Damascus international exhibits a center
Conference time: [2008-03-15] comes [2008-03-19]
Exhibit meeting address: Damascus international exhibits a center
Exhibit house title: Does  of gun of  of swan of 2008 the 4th cook over a slow fire make ひ glare uncut jade firm appraise late curtain?
Network address: Http://
Contact: Yang Yan / Zhou Qiao
Phone: 010-51298900
Mobile phone:
Fax: 010-88862939
Conference content:
Exhibition of equipment of industry of international of the 4th 2008 Syria
Extend meeting time: On March 15, 2008 - 19 days exhibit meeting site: Damascus international exhibits a center
Market prospect:
 situation is advantageous: Economy is smooth, political situation is stable, it is Dongdezhong all the time the important window of the sea and imports and exports of middle east area, and Damascus also is the historical famous city that is famous in the whole world.
 language communicates advantage: Appraise mandarin is Arabic, the 2nd universal language is English;
 market demand is huge:

 policy environment is favorable: Syria held countrywide industry plenary meeting 2005, announced the new measure that 36 stimulative industry develop and policy, the consular tax cost that produces in activity of the custom duty that main content includes the imports and exports such as material of equipment of derate industry business, derate business and shrink notelet changes goods Qing Dynasty to pass formalities and time, cancel abroad of import licence system, derate the duty of 50% expends marine company.
Postpone meeting brief introduction:
The industry with  essential Syria is exhibited one of meetings, hold 3 successfully already.
 exhibition of equipment of industry of first Syria international was held 1998, before Syrian president Hafez AL-ASSAD personally presence inspects.
 previous term or session is exhibited can share 163 brands that come from 22 countries to be exhibited in the ginseng on exhibition of equipment of Syrian international industry, almost all ginseng is exhibited business is in with visiting business exhibit new business affairs cooperation was built on the meeting, the ginseng that gains extraordinary success respectively exhibits effect.
 visiting business includes to be stationed in appraise not only ambassadorial, high official, still include to come from Jordan, iraq, egypt, a couplet chief of a tribe, saudi Arabia, qatar, the person that the government of the country such as Bahrain purchases the office, engineer, trafficker, factory and individual, among them the ginseng of 90% exhibits business to express satisfaction to the quality of the audience.
 exhibits conference organizer Arabia to be able to exhibit a group to be middle east famous exhibition orgnaization, held water 1986, it is Syrian chamber of commerce unit of outstanding grade member. Exhibit meeting organization seasoned, master numerous propaganda agency, it is the most important to organize a series of Syrias exhibit meeting, include: “MADE IN SYRIA” , “CONSTRUCTION” , “FUTURE VISION” , “Buildex” .
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