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IECEE-CB system introduces
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IEC is international Electrotechnical Committee (International Electrotechnical Commission) English abbreviate, international of dispute government sex is organized, held water formally 1906, be the earliest professional international holds water to standardize an orgnaization on the world, the international of domain of responsible concerned electrician, electron standardizes the job. Already established international electrician standard now 6000 many.

IEC has group of 60 many members now, included the great majority on the world to develop with the developing country, 90% what the product of electric, electron that these countries are made and uses holds whole world output. The tenet of IEC is the standardization in promoting field of engineering of electric, electron and the international collaboration of concerned problem, the understand one another between promotional international. The working domain of IEC incorporated electric, electron and electrical engineering technology. For this, IEC is published include international level inside all sorts of publication, below the circumstance that hopes home condition allows each member country, the standardization of home uses these levels in the job.
To reduce the trade barrier that creates because of all sorts of different attestation regulation, the time incur loss through delay that eliminates multiple test and attestation approval to bring and cost raise, make the enterprise can roll out new product with rapidder rate and lower cost, help enterprise opens new market, IEC was applied a certain number of the system of multilateral accordance assess that is based on IEC international standard. Among them IECEE CB system is among them a relatively successful, no matter go up or this system looks from practice from the idea it is truly global.
IECEE is the English abbreviation of qualification of product of electrician of international Electrotechnical Committee and attestation organization. The Chinese full name of IECEE CB system is IECEE what check certificate about electrical engineering product is mutual approve a system, this system is with be being approbated each other between the member (two-way accept) the principle that the test wins national level attestation or approval as a result is a foundation. The each country NCB that enters a system to simplify, have attestation or approval by IEC standard. Fundamental country had be notted be completely with IEC standard in national level, should consider the national difference that its state, however the precondition that CB system runs successfully is national level and corresponding IEC standard is reasonable and harmonious. Utmost favourable geographical position uses this system, will be promoted and approve needs information communication.
The executive unit of CB system is the orgnaization of attestation of each country home that accepts by IECEE regulation (NCB) , what these NCB use also is to press what IECEE regulation is accepted to detect lab, call CB to detect lab (CBTLs) . CB system is a foundation with using CB to check certificate, this certificate offerred a product to representative sample carries detected evidence successfully, show it accords with the requirement of concerned IEC standard. To win national level attestation or approval, CB test report is OK still the compensatory report that with the proof this sample accords with the national diversity that already stated.
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