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The price system S of UL attestation
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When the client is applying for UL attestation, what care most is cost issue. Actually if you cooperate with the agent of sincere letter, it is very fixed that charge of its UL attestation can say, however cannot accurate predict.

The attestation price flow of UL company is as follows roughly:
1.The client offers application, or offer application through acting as agent (ask to offer through acting as agent " acting accredit announce " ) , the product detailed technique data offers UL client service department;
2.UL client service department undertakes classified to the product according to the main character of the product, groovy, the product of individual model can make quoted price by all of computer science department, of special rule, the workload quoted price that series product submits basis of relevant test engineer to predict;
3.The engineer has a test according to actual sample, after the test ends, check workload computation charge according to what undertake actually, execute to 100% imprest of the client retreat more fill less.

Often laid two issues so. The first, cannot get UL quotes below the case that did not prepare sufficient technology data in the client, also cannot develop UL attestation project. In UL attestation, the fine feast of product data brings very big impact to final price. Be like the switch in home appliance, if do not use the switch that approbates through UL, the likelihood makes cost raises 1000-2000 dollar, be like again in certain place plastic, if use HB level, the likelihood should raise several tests, v-0 class does not need, attestation charge can have not small fluctuant. The 2nd, if this is in home is qualified without the engineer the product that accepts certain type (if at present water heater home, Hong Kong, Taiwan does not have an engineer qualified) , the engineer that can ask UL other branch so is taken over, if the mainland is done not have, ask the engineer of Taiwan UL, Hong Kong UL, the word that still is no good asks the UL engineer of American mainland, such quote rate are slower.

To the agent, it is which agent no matter, want finally to obtain exact quoted price through UL, the quote before providing product technology data is the future prices that reachs by experience only, and the agent can raise future prices standard substantially for insurance for the purpose of. Some agents undertake whole is operated, do not tell enterprise UL company real cost, essence is to undertake camera bellows is operated. And the concept that our company act on Wu of sincere be convinced, incorrect attestation charge has integral collection, also do not undertake blind beforehand appraise, the service charge to UL attestation charge and acting company, test charge pays respectively by the enterprise, have completely transparent operation to attestation charge.

When so the enterprise is applying for UL attestation, want to know exact attestation cost, the most effective method is data of technology of on deck product, if there is difficulty to be able to look for a reliable representative on the technology, let a representative help preparative technology material, refer UL company. Some enterprises search pair of homes to act as agent to quote respectively, not was necessary completely actually, the job that gives UL company the side instead causes a lot of needless troubles, reduced the efficiency of whole attestation flow.
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