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UL attestation: Think greatly to what environmental protection of European Union
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the other competitor that is in China at UL relatively, UL detects to instruction of the RoHS on Chinese market and accordance the reaction of attestation does not calculate apparently on fast -- but the company of old brand attestation that to this the home has had 100 old histories, "Slow-motion " mix on behalf of the reflection with deeper move probably more the manner that bear the blame.
Release new attestation sign
On June 13, 2006, UL starts two green formally to indicate in China: Mark of ULRoHS product certification and attestation of system of management of UL harm material indicate. This is UL is in roll out poisonous and harmful material to control a solution at first, the another new move since assisting a manufacturer to build those who accord with RoHS instruction to supply chain management mechanism. This, UL did not compare Chinese market to go up it seems that other the attestation company that with detecting business gives priority to is slow.
"Before UL two years the movement in RoHS respect is compared really opposite competitor slow. " Zhang Mingtan of general manager of department of facilities of control of poisonous and harmful material leads area of UL big China the ground says, "But this perhaps does not detect in attestation on behalf of UL the respect considers not perfect, contrary, UL detects in RoHS and attestation respect considers very thorough, UL needs to act on the manner that bear the blame to confront each client, do one's best falls the client's system and product risk to lowest. Roll out new attestation sign this, it is a kind of proof that we act on responsible spirit to serve a client. It is a kind of proof that we act on responsible spirit to serve a client..
The RoHS instruction that mark of ULRoHS product certification and mark of attestation of system of management of UL harm material prove help home manufacturer to its product accords with an European Union to be carried out at enforcing formally on July 1 this year asks. "Start these two signs, just have hope more to invite our client, there is public letter power more on European Union market. In fact, all products that carried UL to detect or system, in principle can gain two marks. " Zhang Ming says.
The green lubricious sign of UL is equal to accord with a proof at what RoHS dictates, ULRoHS product certification indicates on behalf of classics UL the test is approbated, accord with RoHS requirement; UL endangers mark of attestation of corporeal management system to represent attestation of classics UL audit, pass IECQQC080000HSPM approbate. The enterprise should be obtained " ULRoHS product indicates " , must pass UL to RoHS6 be restricted to use the microanalysis with strict material to check, accept plant year to track the sampling with examine and verify and periodic product to detect continuously, ensure of the product accord with a state for a long time; And if consider application " ULRoHS system indicates " , the abidance that UL must pass on all sorts of flow that enterprise interior is restricted to use material in management audit, accord with international green in order to ensure to run standard requirement.
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