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UL attestation examines reach year fee
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Of UL dog examine charge is comprised by two much, it is year service fee firstly, it is to dog secondly examine charge. This year, its year serves cost to be 580 dollars, be in annual January, UL can send bill the plant, this to R kind with L kind the product is same; If, dog examine the requirement in detailed rules sends appearance to the United States to have a test, criterion UL still is met check charge to factory collection; Examine to dogging charge, r kind with L kind the product is having very big distinction:

● R kind service

R kind service, its dog examine cost and examine the frequency has immediate concern. If inspector is when visit factory, the factory is being produced or inventory has UL product, examine every time charge is 280 dollars; Conversely, it is 93.5 dollars; If be brought about because of product do poorly done work over again,increase examine frequency, examine this to also press 93.5 dollars computation. Examine the time that the complex degree of charge and product and inspector need in plant institute does not have immediate impact. If belong to special examine, lead by the time that examines to be spent in plant institute and the cost that examine at that time usually will decide, this cost rate decides to carry out in UL special the meeting when examining informs a factory. Bill is examining commonly send inside a month after carrying out.

● L kind service

To L kind service, UL is to pass label to come collection dogs examine of charge. When the factory applies for to buy ticket to UL, the price of label included the charge of two respects: The cost of label and service fee (namely of UL dog examine charge) . Accordingly, UL spot delegate is when inspection man factory, UL collects fees to the factory no longer, unless be many product answer check or it is UL was carried out to the factory special examine.

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