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Is the factory examine and verify of UL what kind of?
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UL is carried out to the factory dog examine frequency second have specific provision.
● R kind service
Below normal circumstance, the R to great majority kind factory, inspector visits frequency second for annual 4, but do not eliminate first quarter two possibility, unless have special statement, gross must not exceed 4 times. If examine when when occurrence product does not accord with UL to ask and needing do poorly done work over again, UL inspector will be additional increase to examine in order to acknowledge the product when shipment already do poorly done work over again, and accord with UL requirement.
Serve to On-Call, it is at least annual.
QMFZ2, QMFZ3 - Plastics (plastic) every quarter dogs till what obtain need of all UL lab place examine sample.
WPYR2 - Special-Use Switches (special purpose switch) , see next tables:
Quarterly crop
UL quarter is the biggest examine frequency
0-25, 000 1
25, 000-100, 000 2
100, 000-250, 000 3
250, 000-500, 000 4
500, 000-750, 000 6
750, 000-1, 000, 000 10
1, 000, 000-1, 250, 000 11
1, 250, 000-2, 500, 000 12
2, 500, 000- 20

Still have many products, examine the least only frequency, be like label, presswork the product such as material, ask only annual, do not exceed at most annual two.
● L kind service
To L kind factory, examine frequency second decision the use amount at UL label (become direct ratio with the crop of the product normally) the complex degree with the product. UL provided the measure that needs examining product, also stipulate each quarter is the biggest at the same time examine frequency.
If desk lamp examines 3200 times every, every quarter upper limit is 18 times, that is to say, although the factory was being produced when the quarter,be more than 3200 × 18=57, 600 products, its examine the frequency still is 18 times. To your product, you can be represented to the UL spot that is in charge of your factory, obtain examine requires product amount.
● is special examine service (SPI)
If you disobeyed what sign with UL place " dog examine agreement " , you are punished likely by the severity of UL, include to be carried out to your factory special examine.

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