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The manufacturing plant of UL examines service brief introduction
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The product certification of UL, experiment serves the product with different basis, of inspector examine the basis has announcement (Bulletin) , detailed rules (if Procedure) , FUII(has, include in detailed rules) with UL standard (if FUII is medium,have requirement) . If inspector visits a plant when, the factory is producing UL product, or the UL product that has stock, criterion inspector can use one of the following means sample:
1.Go up from product line draw-out each components are added from a draw-out complete product in storehouse.
2.From inside storehouse draw-out the complete product that each components add product line to go up.
3.From storehouse draw-out and complete product is used at fractionation.
Sampling specific amount dogs on detailed rules, FUII(definitely examine directive) , SAP(standard adds a page) or come from the immediate order at UL lab. Inspector examines every time and do not examine surely all products, but they can be in a year as far as possible or all product categories or model examine inside at least two years.
Generally speaking, UL is not too tall to the requirement of factory production system, ask pair of instrument equipment are annual only metric, those who save good him plant examine record, and have certain control measure to reject can. When examining, the spot is represented (UL inspector) basically can focus attention in product itself, they the basis afore-mentioned examine the basis checks one by one the structure of the product, component and assemble. To involving the component of product safety, demonstrate of the meeting in prevailing detailed rules asks to be UL attestation product, and can make clear manufacturer home and model; Wait to crust, shield note model, usually detailed rules is met demonstrate its raw material and dimension requirement. Spot delegate can check above each and the UL number that provides in detailed rules.
Additional, if ask to undertake to the product the spot checks in detailed rules or FUII or standard, the spot does each corresponding test on behalf of inspector of meeting requirement factory, and spot delegate makes testimony beside. If the requirement is returned to send appearance to UL to make in detailed rules,dog test, the factory should cooperate inspector to make corresponding sample, classics inspector writes good specimen ticket, supply an address and after approved sample, send toward corresponding UL lab by the factory. If the product of plant institute production accords with UL completely,examine accordingly standard requirement, also disobey without other dog the place that serves an agreement, inspector is met issue dog examine report (Inspection Report) ; Factory delegate is in affirm its content is exact without by accident hind should sign on the report; Examine to be accused namely finish. If examine,appeared in the process with examine when the circumstance that the standard shoulds not, inspector is met issue modificatory advice note (Variation Notice) , take corresponding step according to particular case.
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