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UL attestation applies for pertinent question
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AL" LISTING, CLASSIFICATION OR RECOGNITION (is multiple list a name or approbate)
Offer application by the applicant and accredit, in order to differ with the applicant (row celebrity) the row name that another name builds or approve a service
AGENT (acts as agent)
Suffer the applicant's commission, pursue the individual with the activity between UL or business with the applicant's name
Process of appeal of APPEALS PROCEDURE ()
If the client is right,dog if examining result has different opinion, can discuss with relevant engineer or spot delegate and need not worry endanger the following conclusion. If satisfactory answer cannot get in this one administrative levels, the client is OK to taller to lodge a complaint, till president. APPENDIX (adds a page)
The one part of detailed rules, the responsibility that includes factory and spot delegate among them and the requirement to relevant test. Also may describe the test that the sample place that sends toward UL does.
APPLICANT (applicant)
File pair of its parts to UL, product or system have the enterprise of the test or individual. Be in jural, this one party will be in charge of check and dogging the charge of the service, all concerns as a result information that be opposite and check have the right. Yi Jian acts as agent.
Page of accredit of AUTHORIZATION PAGE ()
File dogging service factory examines detailed rules is foremost the one page of the face, examine with accredit dogs accordingly service (L kind or R kind) indicate with permission attestation
Category of CATEGORY CONTROL NUMBER (CCN) (controls number)
UL row name, approbate, the character of the distinct product category in classifying a service represents a form. If AVLV2 represents electronic line; QOWZ expresses portable lamps and lanterns. General, XXXX is the product that list a name, XXXX2 is approve a product, XXXX7 expresses to accord with the product listing a name of Canadian standard, XXXX8 expresses those who accord with Canadian standard to approve a product.
COMPONENT (component)
The some part of the product, besides the test that participates in whole product what serve as complete product partly, still need to check its alone function and / or structure. Component can be row name, approbate or be not the component that list a name.
The condition with applicable CONDITION OF ACCEPTABILITY ()
These project rows are in the report that approbate or is not the component that list a name, but nonfeasance spot represents examine according to. These projects are based on the result of the test, mark understands this component to use with the limitation when complete product and condition. For example, in the report of some kind of switch, may in the demonstrate in the conditional " with applicable " this product applies to the temperature under the electric current under 1A or 125C only.
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