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UL758 and UL1581- - electronic line new requirement reachs modification requirem
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To be being used at the requirement of the high-pressured electron line of TV receiver (for example: 3239)

A lot of data already added UL758 table 7.1 and 7.2 in. These material are so in Section General, moved now the level of become effective is medium on October 31, 2003. Such, all and applicable requirement can be in a place to find. Do not pass to same material word, have a few groups of demands possibly still.

To remove the condition that akin data much group asks, since October 31, 2004, form 7.1 and 7.2 will cancel. It is OK to refuse piece of intensity and percentage elongation demand in UL1581 the 50th is mixed be about to the UL758 form of become effective 7.1.1 and 7.2.1 find.

Before October 31, 2004, our meeting ground is right of sample dog examine the circumstance that the test will come to decide the product accords with new requirement.

Before October 31, 2004, dog examine the sample of the test can be mixed according to UL1581 UL758 form 7.1.1 reach the requirement test of 7.2.1. If physical function checks to be not accorded with, the test is met as a result according to UL758 form 7.1 reach 7.2 new assessment. If accord with 7.1 reach 7.2, sample thinks eligible. Nevertheless, we can remind manufacturer, since October 31, 2004, UL758 form 7.1.1 reach 7.2.1 become effective.

Silicon balata

Current, silicon balata has two groups of demands.


The requirement of Class22 silicon balata can be in UL1581 form 50.21 in find. These requirements apply to line of insulation of following silicon balata:

    Inside the line that fiber protects a layer to be used at having tegument, after perhaps be being installed, do not move, without the circumstance that machinery damages or closes completely


UL758 form 7.1 and 7.2 apply to without tegument or jacket, the line of silicon balata insulation that is used at handling a situation normally.
Rose on October 31, 2004, styles3546, 3354, 3355, 3365, 3380, 3535, 3540, 3541, 3547, 3548, 3570, 3579, 3587, 3603, the Styles with 3650 similar etc can cancel. These lines, related to balata of Class 22 silicon, but all do not accord with above 3 requirements.

Watch 1 listed UL758 does not have the distinction that braids silicon balata and balata of UL1581 Class22 silicon mediumly

Express 1 UL758, the physical function of UL1581 silicon balata compares:


Sample condition

Form 7.1.1 reach 7.2.1

Form 50.21

Do not have jacket or braid
Silicon balata

Class22 silicon balata

The smallest
Percentage elongation

The smallest
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