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Of UL attestation dog service
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Regard UL as a of attestation organic component, to assure the row name of UL, standard that approves a product to continue to accord with UL and requirement, UL made " dog examine " system. "Dog examine " is expedited by UL namely distributing all over the world the spot of each district produces the spot to undertake dogging examining to the product of UL on behalf of the plant that reachs place. The manufacturing process that its purpose carries pair of plants namely, examine process and product, contrast the standard of UL and dog examine detailed rules undertakes checking, the manufacturing process that assures mill business, examine the requirement that process and product accord with UL from beginning to end.
To assure UL " dog examine " of the system carry out, one had been signed between UL and mill business " dog examine agreement " , basis " dog examine agreement " regulation, spot delegate will be fixed the ground, do not inform ground go on a tour of inspection of the factory beforehand, the factory does not get without reason to reject the examination that the spot represents.
After the spot represents a plant main basis " dog examine detailed rules " undertake examining. "Dog examine detailed rules " be by UL engineering department, weave after having a test to sending the sample of check, this one file includes the comprehensive description of pair of this products, still include a picture] the manual. It still sets a production factory to often want all sorts of accomplished tests between campaign, among them certain experiment requirement is right product of 100% undertake, if compression experiments. Certain examine to be able to sample undertake, in the meantime, still stipulated the spot represents the test project that must selective examination when plant site is checked. The detailed data that spot delegate experiments according to this kind and regulation will judge examine the result is eligible. Of UL dog examine cent is R kind with L kind. L kind the product that serves to basically use security of Yu Hesheng order to concern, be like detector of fire extinguisher, smoke, defend touchhole and the product with a few quite big crop, be like power facilities, electrical wiring and breaker. To belonging to L kind product, the manufacturer must order label to be stuck on the product to UL directly. R kind the service basically is used at electric equipment, the product that if electric fan, television, blower, oven and other open commonly used and corresponding automation line,will produce
Of UL inspector examine to basically belong to mechanical sex exercise. According to different product, of inspector examine the basis has announcement (Bulletin) , detailed rules (Procedure) , FUII (if have, include in detailed rules) with UL standard (if have in FUII,ask) .
If inspector visits a plant when, the factory is producing UL product, or the UL product that has stock, criterion inspector can use one of the following means sample:
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