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What is CCC attestation? How to affirm?
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CCC attestation is namely " Chinese compulsive attestation " , its English name is " China Compulsory Certification " , abbreviate is CCC. The mark of CCC attestation is " CCC " , it is national attestation recognizes basis of supervisory management committee " mandatory product certification management sets " (quality of nation of People's Republic of China is supervised examine quarantine total bureau makes the 5th) make.

The product that CCC attestation goes to to involving carries out the safe attestation with compulsive country. Main content is wraparound rise have the following sides:

(one) pass through about agreement and international according to world trade regular, the country is opposite lawfully involve human health safe, move plant life safety and health, and environmental protection and communal and safe product are executed those who unite is mandatory product certification system. National attestation approves supervisory management committee unified and responsible country is mandatory the management of product certification system and organization carry out the job.

(2) the country is mandatory the main characteristic of product certification system is, the country publishs uniform list, decide regulation of unified and applicable state level, technology is mixed executive program, make unified mark label, set unified rate. Every includes mandatory the product inside product certification catalog, the attestation orgnaization attestation that must appoint via the country is eligible, obtain relevant letter and add after applying attestation to indicate, just can leave factory, entrance, sale and in management service the place is used.

(3) enter world acceptance and the principle that reflect national wage according to our country, announce above all " the first batch is carried out mandatory the catalogue item of product certification " enclothed product is with original entrance system of safe quality license is mixed mandatory compatible attestation product is safe attestation and electromagnetism foundation, made right amount increase and decrease. The product that so two kinds of systems cover has 138 kinds, announce this " catalog " cancel include so mandatory what attestation manages is medical and supersonic diagnose and treat 16 kinds of products such as equipment, increased a building to wait for 10 kinds of products with safe glass, include actually " catalog " mandatory attestation product shares 132 kinds. Released again next " carry out mandatory the adornment of product certification decorates catalogue item " (include antifreeze of qualitative brick of coating of carpentry of dissolve the form of a drug, porcelain, concrete) , " carry out mandatory the safe technology of product certification is on guard catalogue item " (include to inbreak detector guard against theft calls the police guard against theft of controller, car calls the police system,
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