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What product needs to deal with CCC attestation?
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The first batch is carried out mandatory the catalogue item of product certification
One, wire cable (in all 5 kinds)

Cord set, mine covers flexible cable, communication with oak rated voltage 3kV and car of engine of the following railroad use cable of wire of insulation of 450/750 V of cable of wire of 450/750V of wire cable, rated voltage and insulation of the following rubber, rated voltage and the following pvc

2, circuit switch reachs protection or join is installed with electric equipment device (in all 6 kinds)

Coupler (family expenses, industrial with similar utility appliance) , plug electrical outlet (family expenses, industrial with similar utility) , the switch of electric unit, family expenses mixes the hot fuse-link, fuse-link tubal account of small-sized fuse, family expenses and similar utility stationary similar utility stationary is electric crust of accessory of plant electric equipment

3, low-pressure electric equipment (in all 9 kinds)

Protector of leakage of electricity, breaker (contain RCCB, RCBO, MCB) , fuse, low-pressure switch (isolator, switch-disconnector, fuse assembles electric equipment) , other circuit protector [protector kind: Current limliting implement, circuit protector, shed starter of contactor of type of protector, hot protector, overload relay, low-pressure Electromechanical, electromotor too] , relay (36V under voltage 1000V) , other switch (electric equipment switch, vacuum switch, pressure switch, adjacent switch, foot switch

4, small-power electromotor (in all 1 kind)

Small-power electromotor

5, dynamoelectric tool (in all 16 kinds)

Electric drill (contain electric impact drill) , hammer of dynamoelectric screwdriver and concussion spanner, dynamoelectric grinder, sander, fretsaw, report (the pick that contain report) , knife of spray gun of report of not combustible liquid, electric scissors (contain Shuang Ren electric scissors knife, report rushs

6, electric welder (in all 15 kinds)

Small-sized communication arc welding machine, communication arc welding machine, dc arc welding machine, TIG arc welding machine, MIG/MAG arc welding machine, bury hazard reducing device of transformer of solder of arc welding machine of machine of cut of arc welding machine, plasma arc, plasma, arc, solder welder of cable coupling device, resistor, welder sends solder of solder of a device, TIG fire

7, family expenses and similar utility facility (in all 18 kinds)

1. Family expenses freezer and food freezer: Effective cubage is in 500 stand litre the following, box of store of the have or does not have refrigerant food storeroom freezer of family expenses or similar utility, refrigerant food and food freezer reach their combination

2. Fanner: Single-phase communicating and shed the fanner of family expenses and similar utility continuously
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