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CQC certificate and mark use administrative regulation
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1, general principles

The certificate of administrative system attestation that this regulation offerred to obtain card to just use CQC to sign and issue and CQC obtain card to organize the criterion of the mark, made clear the influence of use certificate and mark and obligation.

2, administer a regulation

2.1 attestation certificate uses administrative regulation

The right that certificate of the 2.1.1 organizations that obtain evidence uses and justice

A) has authority to use attestation letter correctly inside the period of efficacy of attestation certificate;

B) attestation certificate can be revealed in the file, website, yard place that passes attestation, sale place, advertisement is mixed propagandist data medium or the commercial activity such as advertisement conduct propaganda, but must not use certificate of administrative system attestation and relevant character, symbol, misdirect public thinks attestation certificate enclothes the administrative system outside limits, product or service to obtain attestation, conduct propaganda should not damage the reputation of CQC when attestation result;

C) obtains card organization to be able to be inside the field that certificate of effective administrative system attestation covers and scope of business the way that describes by the following character reveals the concerned information of attestation certificate in room of the file, website, yard place that passes attestation, sale, advertisement. Be like: "This organization (or enterprise) the attestation of **** management system that passes center of Chinese certificate of quality, certificate date is Xxxxx "

U **** : The title of attestation of corresponding management system that should win to obtain card to organize, be like quality or ISO9001, environment or ISO14001, QS9000, food safety or HACCP, professional health safety or OHSAS.

U Xxxxx: The number of administrative system certificate that to obtain evidence the organization acquires.

D) hampers to other unit and individual the behavior that organizes use attestation letter originally can put forward to complain to CQC.

E) obtains card organization to answer appropriate is custodial good credentials, lest missing, attaint. If produce letter of missing, attaint, the enterprise that obtain evidence can apply for to reissue.

F) makes sure certificate enclothes the administrative system inside limits to run stability;
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