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CQC product is freewill attestation
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Our country executes a country since May 1, 2002 compulsive certification system (CCC) , execute compulsive attestation to including "CCC" the product of catalog, if the product to including list needs attestation, use the means of freewill attestation, mark of attestation of CQC freewill sex sees CQC mark manages.
To the product outside CCC catalog, center of Chinese certificate of quality (CQC of the following abbreviation) already released " electrical engineering kind of freewill attestation catalog " and relevant " product certification implements regulation " .
The mode of CQC product certification is: Type experiments the first time after factory careful seizes illness, supervise, the basic link of attestation includes: The application of attestation, type experiments, initiative factory is examined, attestation result evaluation and approval, after obtaining evidence supervise.
One, did not obtain card product to apply for freewill attestation
1, the application of attestation
1) application means cent is planted.
① enterprise can pass a network to apply for to CQC directly, business of the announcement after CQC is accepted sends sample to detect the orgnaization undertakes detecting.
② enterprise also can be referred to CCC-CN directly " intent requisition " the relevant technology data with product certification, classics both sides talks things over after affirming, refer " formal requisition " and " factory of product safety attestation examines questionnaire " to CCC-CN, submit application to CQC by CCC-CN.
2) the data that application requires to refer: A. Attestation requisitionB. The applicant's enrollment proves (the first time application)C. When the person that application is sold artificially, importer, still need to refer the person that sell and generator, the relevant contract carbon that importer and generator conclude. D. Deputy accredit a power of attorney (if have)E. The enrollment of the manufacturer proves (if be with applicant, manufacturer,need to refer a proof only when same unit)F. The fundamental condition questionnaire of the manufacturer (the first time application)G. CB checks certificate photocopy, photocopy of CB test report (the applicant holds CB to check certificate to apply for)
3) the product information that attestation place wants:
Product structure plan, circuit principle graph, hookup;
Yuan parts of an apparatus and metalloid material detailed list; The between each model difference character specification inside same application unit and picture.
2, type experiments
The enterprise sends sample, detect by what the autograph makes an appointment with the orgnaization undertakes detecting experimenting.
3, the factory is examined
The factory is examined by CQC straightforward style examinant undertakes examine and verify to the manufacturer.
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