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Be not groovy CCC attestation
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1.OEM factory circumstance:
This factory is a processing factory only, different applicant / manufacturer uses the OEM factory, design that offers according to manufacturer and manufacturing process control to reach examine requirement, production has below the system of OEM factory, use the label of different manufacturer, answer to serve as different factory to undertake administrative by different applicant, systematic element does not repeat careful to check, but the manufacturing process control of the product and examine, the consistency of the product is examined cannot absolve.

2.ODM factory circumstance:
Different applicant / manufacturer uses system of same design, quality and manufacturing process control to reach examine the requirement has production, use the label of different manufacturer. Examine and verify of file of orgnaization of attestation of classics of this kind of circumstance affirms, lest eliminate a plant,can examine. (In manufacturing condition same condition falls, identical to product structure type, only brand or product type are different, classics file examine and verify affirms, can avoid experiment at type. Can avoid experiment at type..

3. is current and similar mobile phone kind the assembly of the product produces kind:
The form that assembles with CKD or SKD loose mail is produced, assemble junior travel part to detect, assemble content likelihood very basement, but stick label and attestation mark, nameplate produces producing area to be this factory, mandatory product certification factory should assemble a factory for this, but should examine a factory strictly square to offerring control requirement.

4. is produced in A ground, b ground changes plug sticks a mark:
Production has in A ground and undertake detecting, but to enter Chinese market, satisfy Chinese requirement, in convenient another field B(the likelihood is station of workshop, maintenance, storeroom) change plug sticks a mark, mandatory product certification factory should be A factory, but should the control of factory of A of examine and verify to B factory, can schedule plant of special visit B when necessary.

5. Ⅲ kind electric equipment factory:
This factory produces Ⅲ only kind Ⅲ of electric equipment product kind electric equipment product, power source adapter is bought outside, in Ⅲ kind electric equipment factory detects, case, leave factory, administrative plant location is this factory. Attestation orgnaization should examine this factory strictly to offer square control to power source adapter, when necessary, right not the power source adapter that the unit obtains attestation discharges special visit for Fang Kean.
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