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Does CCC detect requirement sending sample?
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One, the product sends appearance the demand
1. In each application unit advocate send model sample send 2, enclothe model sample to send 1 each.
2. If sample is,cannot disassemble structure, should offer dismountable sample.
3. The component that needs random test (express 1) , should send sample at the same time by formulary amount and product (see accessory 1, accessory 2) .
4. When sending sample, should offer place of a certain quantity of test to failure to need at the same time maintain a * (proposal 3 above) .
2, the following data should provide when sending sample:
1. Send shape registration form;
2. CCC files detailed material;
3. Product manual;
4. Product standards book;
5. The product maintains manual (if have) ;
6. Product circuit pursues (include to the principle pursues and be printed brush circuit domain) ;
7. In same application unit advocate send type product and the difference that cover type product the specification (if have) ;
8. What product and safety concern is crucial yuan of component list (express 2) as influential as compatible to electromagnetism function main component list (watch 3) ;
9. Photocopy of certificate of attestation of component of product key safety;
10. The CB test certificate of the product and report (if have) ;
11. The brand of the product uses accredit book (if have) ; Information source:

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