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Mandatory product certification rate
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Basis country hair changes appoint " about new check and ratify mandatory the announcement of product certification rate " [2004]239 date file, mandatory product certification collects fees project and rate are as follows:
One, one, application fee. Attestation orgnaization is in accept mandatory the application fee that product certification applies for Shi Xiangshen to ask attestation enterprise collection. Apply for 600 yuan to expend rate to file unit for every. Among them, application data is those who be not Chinese, receive a data additionally to translate cost. Data interpreter expends rate to be decided according to expense circumstance by attestation orgnaization, highest do not exceed 1000 yuan. Following case not collection applies for cost:
1. Modificatory company name or address (do not include company move site or reorganization, change make) ;
2. Change attestation applicant;
3. Change label;
4. Patulous product goes up to sell model and product brand to wait with foundation of same design model inside the product unit in the regulation.
2, the product detects cost. The product detects the orgnaization asks according to product certification standard and technology, when undertaking detect and be issueinged detecting reporting to applying for the product of attestation enterprise, to application product of attestation enterprise collection detects cost. The product detects the specific rate of cost is pressed hair change appoint the regulation is carried out.
3, the factory examines cost. Attestation orgnaization examines a requirement according to the factory of attestation product, undertake to applying for attestation enterprise the file is examined, spot examine and verify when issueing a factory to investigate a report, to application factory of attestation enterprise collection examines cost. The factory examines cost rate supervises an auditor for every every weekday 3000 yuan. Person of examine and verify / day number is pressed identify inspect appoint relevant provision is carried out. Personnel of examine and verify goes back and forth between traffic expenses by the company load that applies for attestation. Do not expend to board and lodging of collection of application attestation enterprise. Via me central examine and verify affirms, inside the period of efficacy of certificate of attestation of quality management system that obtains in the enterprise, avoid at be opposite with mandatory the quality of product certification makes sure ability is identical the checkup of the part that runs a system, avoid receive corresponding factory to examine cost.
4, approval and register cost. Attestation orgnaization undertakes assess in the product that asks to according with attestation and issue mandatory when product certification certificate, to application attestation enterprise collection is approved with register cost. Approval and register cost (contain certificate to expend) rate is every attestation unit 800 yuan. Attestation product does not involve unit change expand and change, not collection approval and register cost. Press a regulation to need not undertake eligible assess to attestation product, issue only mandatory of product certification certificate, collection certificate cost of production 10 yuan.
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