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Hearsay AMD will outside the chip production that includes much

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Reported according to INFOWORLD digital analyst thinks recently, AMD is passed outside the plan of bag chip production business with cutting cost, will for a long time see a possibility things go contrary to one's wishes. In 2 quarters in the past AMD parts deficit 574 million with 611 million dollar, struggling to live.

The issue date of chip of server of Opteron of nucleus of AMD general Barcelona4 from July remit to in October, also make its produce business to encounter criticism. Jon Peddie Research says in the report that issued on June 13, this will weaken AMD and the effort that Intel competes, although be released from 2003 since Opteron server chip won a lot of users, but case is sharp now and below. 2006 first quarter, AMD is squeezed to 87.6% in the market share of Intel of admiral of workstation chip market, but this year Intel recaptures the market afresh again first quarter, market share has risen 92% .

The manufacturing business pressure that appears recently, make a few analysts forecast AMD to may halt all production, turn completely when 2008 mode of the bag outside be. AMD says, this kind of hearsay is the report according to containing a company high, nevertheless company spokesman Drew Prarie also confirms, they pay close attention to effort chip to develop and rather than to produce itself. Current AMD and IBM sign an agreement, production has use IBM in the chip production factory of East Fishkill of new York city. The spokesman says, the manufacturing plant that AMD need not own him is achievable project of most research and development.

Zhou Yi Drew Prarie expresses, they are seeking the way that expands this kind of mode all production to supply chain, for this the likelihood increases the chip amount of concessionary production, or with establishment of acting industry business collaboration concerns. AMD had taken a few actions toward this direction. AMD announced to give Singapore concessionary semiconductor production company 2006 more manufacturing business, the chip of etc of chip of Cheng Sulong of 65 pay the metric system that asks this company production is new. Produced the newest chip that show clip business to give again this year in May the stage accumulates report.

The basis spent the report of banner analyst Glen Yeung on June 17, AMD prepares to enlarge the limits of this mode, will low end chip is many outside the bag accumulates report to the stage, sell equity of plant of chip of German Fab 30, can sell the equity of the plant of invests 3.2 billion dollar chip of Saratoga County of new York city that has not built even. Although AMD emphasizes this kind of arrangement,be to cut cost, but uncertainty makes wall street analyst disturbed however.

Hua Qi's report AMD the income of this quarter anticipates reduce 1.1 billion dollar from 1.3 billion dollar, annual income anticipates from 5.8 billion reduce 5.6 billion dollar. Glen Yeung says, we reduce the anticipation to AMD again, the environment that reflects a market research to allude AMD is bad; Although outside bag production business can cut cost, but the expression of near future stock will still fatigued and weak. As contrary as this, he is held to Intel hopeful anticipate, think the product of AMD is deferred reach fast gallop of 4 generation increasingly welcome, will make Intel gains competitive advantage. Information source:
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