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China is industrial market of switch power source grows an analysis

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Consult limited company jointly according to Beijing nimble inspire confidence in sb (JFUnited) newest findings report " 2007 China are industrial market research of switch power source reports " data shows, china is industrial 2006 dimensions of market of switch power source is in 670 million yuan; From the point of classification of product installation means, power source of switch of formula of industrial domain flat and product of power source of slideway formula switch took market total scope respectively 2006 66% with 34% ; From the point of applied domain classification, 3 big fields take mechanical, electric power and railroad 90% of market of power source of industrial domain switch, among them two big fields take machinery and electric power the market is overall 80% of dimensions. 3nsi@ ? of net of /8k(kQ electrical outlet
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Show according to data of JFUnited findings report, in 2001-2006 year, take power supply of domestic industry switch the manufacturer of main portion, for instance the increase rate of the main firm such as abb of the rising sun, inscription, Heng Fu is average between 15%-30% , but from the point of whole industry, industrial switch power source did not achieve expectant increase rate, and the market increase rate of industrial switch power source wants far under domain of home appliance, computer is reached in communication, 2001-2006 year increase rate of industrial power source maintains the growth interval in 10%-15% only. Additional, JFUnited findings report points out, power source of domestic industry switch is in 2005-2006 year rate of market whole growth all exceeds 30% slightly, right the development of market of industrial switch power source held upbeat mood 2007. As the rapid development of power source of slideway formula switch and module switch power source, and the occurrence of new technology, structure of market of switch power source will change somewhat, and manufacturer of power source of domestic and international important switch will anticipate increase rate lock is in surely 20% fluctuation, JFUnited thinks industrial speed of development of future of power source of flat formula switch will maintain in 20% the left and right sides, the growth rate of power source of Chinese industry switch and development level are far under and other places of Japan, United States, Europe. ^W | | i Vy=$-NQP! of net of - electrical outlet
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At present foreign company is like ABB, ohmic dragon, Xi Menzi, Feinikesi to wait to basically sell slideway formula product in order to produce to give priority to, and domestic representative company if abb of the rising sun, inscription (stage endowment) , Heng Fu, heart is achieved, 3 base wait to basically be given priority to in order to manufacture power supply of flat formula switch. Additional, the enterprise of power source of a few switch such as Lan Da is filled to have in the mainland except report in foreign company establish a plant beyond, sell in order to import a form in the mainland for the most part, on sale mode, industry of industrial switch power source appears a representative and the pattern that sell two kinds to coexist continuously. [' | wP%Az S~WHog, of net of JB electrical outlet
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