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OKI development world is the smallest 16 frequency chip begins to supply print

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In new network on June 20 report today, tokyo, - company limited of strong electric industry (OKI) of the following abbreviation begins to supply suit portable equipment recording to answer put world most the smallest chip of 16 speech CODEC " ML2612 series " print.
This chip used the W-CSP(of OKI to note 1) technology, the world that can realize 2.0mm × 2.5mm is the smallest enclose dimension. Although spend lesser small-sized portable equipment to designing freedom, also can configure frequency CODEC around microphone, the acoustic quality that causes exterior noise thereby drops control is in minimal. And, this chip is returned inside buy can the systematic noise when eliminate recording, wind sound noise the filter that wait, and can compensate frequency to answer small-sized device is built-in when putting the equalizer with frequency characteristic noise.
OKI prepares to began batch to supply this chip in September 2007.
Generally speaking, to taking the facility of microphone, for the faint output microphone signal is digitlized faultlessly, often must install frequency CODEC chip around microphone. The design that the result makes microphone circumjacent is spent freely be restricted. Recently, film the film uses digital camera, can affirm pronouncing study machine to wait, the portable facility that takes microphone is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. And, the miniaturization of these equipment, thin model change a requirement to upsurging increasingly with unprecedented speed, accordingly, accept the restriction that installs a space, frequency CODEC chip is as other as what become noise source installation is in yuan of parts of an apparatus with a circuit board, the necessity that realizes high density installation also increasingly protruding shows.
OKI group
The Sen Qiu of semiconductor plan company is aing man of virtual and ability the president expresses: Development of KI of 琌 of Xi of Cheng of bright triangular bream of 8 balances ι can let portable equipment place successfully must converter of microphone amplifier, A/D (converter of ADC) of the following abbreviation, D/A (amplifier implementation exceeds DAC) of the following abbreviation, Yang Sheng small-sized enclosed frequency CODEC. Especially W-CSP is enclosed can come true before the 1/3 of chip of CODEC of common and small-sized frequency encloses dimension below, the design that improved microphone periphery substantially is spent freely. And through inside of buy can the wind sound noise when eliminate recording and its are onefold of the systematic noise of frequency but process designing filter and can compensate a peculiar bass that when putting, small-sized equipment broadcasts hard the acoustics of region is characteristic, implementation answers those who put the result more naturally but process designing equalizer, the recording that can improve all portable facility thereby, time put quality. The recording that can improve all portable facility thereby, time put quality..
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