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Homebred semiconductor encloses special device: Integral dimensions slants small
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Competition tends intense
- in group of electric science and technology Ge Maichong of the 45th institute
Mixed 2001 domestic semiconductor is special 2006 equipment market and on its year grow than obtaining twice. Grew 151.2% than 2000 2001, obtained a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, it is 10.8 billion yuan () of 1.12 billion dollar. Later begin a few years to increase by degrees steadily. Market of Chinese semiconductor equipment rose 101.3% 2006, achieve 18.96 billion yuan, enclose test equipment market to be 8.97 billion yuan among them, grow 117.20% , occupy domestic semiconductor 47.3% of special device market. Conservative predict, special device market will achieve our country semiconductor 2009 3.4 billion dollar, the market share that holds the whole world will arrive from current 6% growth 7% , enclose test equipment to occupy domestic semiconductor special device market will still be in 40% above, will exceed 1.5 billion dollar.
Domestic company development has 4 characteristics
Through in last few years develop, our country integrated circuit encloses test equipment to produce company actual strength to get buildup, sale dimensions expands ceaselessly, line of the products develops in the round, new-style enclosed test equipment development to obtain positive result of plentiful and substantial, own innovation product applies on product line, the equipment with higher level of big, technology also begins market demand small lot production, the sale grows quickly.
At present home is engaged in many enclosing the company that checks equipment production to have 60, have representative large and medium-sized the enterprise has many 20, year productivity is in the majority in the enterprise of 100 above, a few large enclose equipment to produce a business year productivity already exceeded 200, sale exceeds 30 million yuan, a lot of company sale 5 million yuan of above, become major to enclose test equipment research and development to produce a business. Enclose equipment to be in basically from personnel of course of study 100 people left and right sides, a few enterprise is in 200 people above. At present home encloses test equipment company to be given priority to with state-owned, joint-stock, solely invested enterprise, active experience joins civilian battalion company, development the look of things is good. The equipment sort of state-owned company is opposite more complete, involve a technology to develop bizygomatic breadth, from personnel of course of study opposite more, product market development is rapidder, but exit dimensions is relatively lesser. An outfit equipment of joint ventures and solely invested enterprise from personnel of course of study opposite less, sale is opposite taller.
The development that home encloses test equipment company basically shows the following 4 big characteristics:
Above all, professional equipment produces an enterprise to enhance the strength that encloses innovation of test equipment development, production, sale, technology, enhance technical competition ability ceaselessly, formed much breed, seriation, dimensions to turn equipment production and sale.
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