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Technology of all treasure MIP reachs low cost report tall penetrable mouth lead
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All treasure photoelectricity (TPO Displays Corp. ) roll out but oneself resembles element newlier (SRP, self- Refreshing-Pixel)-MIP(Memory-In-Pixel) technology, to give way moves those who use a product to show can achieve low cost report and rate of tall penetrable mouth at the same time, taller brightness is offerred below the service life that the breakthrough on this technology is not affecting a product.

All treasure points out, this one peculiar SRP-MIP technology, had applied on product of 1.36 inches of QQVGA LCD at present, estimation provides the action telephone call of second face plate of all treasure SRP-MIP, aux will be able to shows than using a convention technical face plate is in many days on battery service life quite.

Bart Jeroen Van DerBent of section chief of sale of product of mobile phone of all treasure photoelectricity expresses, what SRP-MIP technology offers a client is to lengthen batteries to use time not only, still have the module product of tall indication brightness at the same time, the operation unit that all treasure expects the world is top-ranking makes a firm, will raise pair of requirement of indication face plate that uses this technology.

All treasure expresses, at present liquid crystal of the action on the market shows applied product to join numeric maximize to reach normally, must sacrifice other joins numerical value, because of this major application product supplier must pass through low cost report prolong battery service life, perhaps obtain through higher penetrable mouth rate much better indication brightness, and amid has choice, often bring about the requirement that cannot satisfy a client completely.

On the tradition, the MIP that LCD manufacturer is using SRAM and the MIP that use DRAM have choice between the technology, because data number of renewals is less,use the MIP of SRAM, accordingly power is used up inferior also; But because go up to cause penetrable mouth relative to bigger circuit like element,the MIP technology that uses SRAM is met rate is inferior.

On the other hand, although because have lesser report to road surface is accumulated and have taller penetrable mouth,the MIP technology that uses DRAM is led, the content that must undertake the movement will keep data updating continuously however reachs the polarity of switch. All treasure is a foundation with DRAM-MIP technology, in microtherm polycrystalline silicon (LTPS) makes the development on Cheng give peculiar SRP-MIP technology. The function that the main key of SRP-MIP technology updates in its, it is completely integrated in resembling element, accordingly but the data between element of leave out resembling and exterior circuit transmits a movement, those who pass through this to be able to go up to just can be reached in LTPS face plate only make Cheng, when aux will be able to reduces a picture to update considerably, data lists bus line line and the voltage commutation number that share electrode.
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