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Chess harbor electron becomes agent of accredit of holy state microelectronics f
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Recently, limited company of holy state microelectronics (the following abbreviation " holy state " ) with limited company of chess harbor electron (the following abbreviation " chess harbor " ) sign product representative agreement formally, chess harbor begins all fronts to extend the of all kinds product that sells holy country.
Chess harbor held water 1983, already passed 20 old development course up to now. Base of this firm client is solid, sale network is perfect. Go at differring for better service the client of course of study, the technology that offers major for the client supports (offer TOTAL SOLUTION for the client for example) , chess harbor is aimed at particular market technically, established department of many markets facilities. Believe to depend on the professional actual strength of chess harbor, be sure to promote action to huge arriving since the farther promotion of holy country product.

About chess harbor (

Limited company of chess harbor electron holds water at was in Hong Kong 1983, the initial stage that the company establishs in order to manage an electron yuan form a complete set of parts of an apparatus and business of imports and exports are given priority to, through old development, already had the design of oneself and technology now, developed many application plan by oneself. Chess harbor created many agency in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, built giant client network in home not only, also gained good reputation in abroad, ceng Yu obtained 2005 " agent of optimal China area " award information source:

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