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The stock market drives sell like hot cakes of jotter radiator summer
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Add last " cushion " or fan, can invite phlogistic summer " attack of fever " the temperature of notebook computer falls quickly. Similar computer comes loose hot product is in ZhongGuanCun sell like hot cakes, some booth advocate say, what bought these products in the past is game player more, nevertheless today summer be " the stock market of same high temperature helped " .

Store of vessel good electron 4 a booth advocate say, the temperature of summertime notebook computer is met originally a few taller, plus use for long, sometimes notebook computer feels feel can very hot hand even. This kind of IT equipment that the name is computer radiator is not new invention, but the person that buys so is the youth that plays game more, or it is the technical staff that makes professional design, buy a crowd to be compared relatively " professional " . "But now shareholder so much, should stare at everyday dish, one the world comes jotter can be ironed be unable to stand. One the world comes jotter can be ironed be unable to stand..

Consumption reminds the radiator on the market the price differs to hundreds yuan from a few yuan, reach 300 yuan with 100 yuan be in the majority. The radiator value with aluminous extruding qualitative profile is inferior. The radiator with qualitative material of gold, silver-colored, copper comes loose hot result is right, but defect is cost tall and heavier. There still is radiator of passivity of quiet tone metal on the market, the osculatory area of this kind of product and notebook computer is small, just undertake heating up delivering through radiation and radiator, medicinal powder hot effect is inferior to wind cold radiator. If the product uses USB mouth power supply, the voltaic voltage of fan cannot too tall. Information source:

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