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Market battle royal lets semiconductor of be a burden on of chip slump in price
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Report seized semiconductor industry association on June 15 (SIA) says, "A few sodden apples " will affect whole semiconductor industry.

The price that value of product of semiconductor of a few types makes the person is anxious drops the rate that the influence semiconductor industry sales revenue increased 2007.

Of range of growth of sales revenue of industry of conductor of SIA original half-and-half anticipating is 10% , now, it is to the anticipation of this one word 1.8% . The sales revenue of semiconductor industry will rise 252 billion dollar 2007.

With compared December last year, the price of DRAM dropped April 33% ; Showed the price that keep to drop compared to the same period April 35% , but sale grew 54% .

Accept in Zhou Si when interviewing, SIA president George says, this had exceeded due limit. Below normal circumstance, annual the extent that price drops ought to be in 20% less than. Current, the demand of semiconductor product is very driving, the price drops extent is abnormal greatly so.

Of the price exceed often dropping is by what seek market share with sacrificial profit the company is caused it seems that, it is normal that everything still compares other. The stability of utilization rate of equipment and installations of the factory is in 80% the left and right sides.

Quite driving to the demand of electronic product, production innovation respect also does not have major change. The sale of chip also fits the ground is high.

Current, inventory also is not a problem. The inventory of global semiconductor product is 3 billion dollar about, exceed 1% of year of sale slightly, under normal level. George says, a lot of new firms hope to acquire market share.

The price of semiconductor product begins to steep fall from March. Hard disk industry also is faced with the awkwardness of similar slump in price.

Francisco of spokesman of memory manufacturer Micron expresses, the enterprise of share of market of race to control to DRAM it is a big question. He says, the closest chinese mainland that count the home and the DRAM firm that Taiwan saves are in market share aspect is very positive.

George expresses, memory chip generation is versed in the manufacturer also ought to be condemned. The productivity of acting plant business is more than industry average level, for production of put into high gear, they made price war.

SIA predicts, come from 2006 between 2010, year of compound growth rate of chip industry will achieve 5.5% . Information source:

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