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SiS joins AMD new army! Roll out AM2 chip set 8 years
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This year family expenses advocate board chip set SiS of unknown to public, be about to release the chip set product that supports AM2 and AM3 processor, included two products of SiS 757 and SiS 772. Among them SiS 757 supports HT3, cool ' N ' QuietHST technology, matched at the same time the Naqiao chip of SiS 969; And SiS 772 supports HT3 likewise, , cool ' N ' QuietHST technology, , return the indication core of the MirageTM4 AdvANCe Real VideoTechnology of integrated SiS new generation, of likewise tie-in SiS 969 south the bridge.
The Naqiao chip of SiS 969 can support MuTIOL1G, offer port of 10 groups of USB2.0, 2 groups of P-ATA133(support) of 4 IDE equipment at most, ESATA2 interface (NCQ&3Gb) , the array mode of RAID 0/1/5/JBOD/0 14, thousand net gets stuck, , the support of HDA sound effect. Do not cross this a series of chip set predicts to want 2 quarters ability was released 2008.
The so rapid chip series that announces processor of the generation below newest supportive AMD, look SiS is in 8 years will the pace of follow AMD, releasing time nevertheless still is summary evening, support AM2 because of AMD advocate board this year Q3 will be released. Information source:

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