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Center of cent of Fujian of public service platform establishs national software
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On June 18 morning, center of cent of Fujian of public service platform uncovers national software and integrated circuit card ceremony is held ceremoniously in center of design of Fujian Province integrated circuit. Wu Min of university of academician of Zou Shichang of undersecretary of hardworking and thrifty of MII a surname, Fujian Province Li Chuan's vice-governor, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fuzhou gives birth to the president, the Fuzhou City software of Deputy mayor Xu Tiejun, country and integrated circuit are communal the leader such as Qiu Shanqin vice director mixes the service center integrated circuit. The ceremony that uncover a shop sign adds flourish hall to grow by Lu of hall of Fujian Province Information Industry chair.
Fujian of public service platform divides national software and integrated circuit of the center hold water will perfect with perfect country Information Industry public service supports a system, the construction place such as base of area of garden of the area that relies on the Information Industry to develop relatively, industry, property is public service platform, mix national platform public service resource contacts Fujian cheek by jowl, the advantage is complementary, form those who cover the throughout the country, the public service that can expand continuously supports a system. Work up is perfect the Information Industry innovates independently system, stimulative Information Industry is done do greatly strong.
Fujian divides a center to will use special cooperation, the means of complex operation, the technical service that for channel base of Xian Information Industry and big, medium, small company provide individuation, business affairs service, market service, news service and communal brand promotion serve; Face offer from personnel of course of study groom and communicate service of ability waiting for a person; Face governmental orgnaization to provide information and decision-making support service. Specific content includes Fujian cent center: The service of general character technology that prop up, intellectual property service, talent grooms communal brand construction and market promotion serve service, industry, cast financing to seek advice from a service to wait.

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