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Driver market is faced with profit anaemia to hope nimble continues dominant mar
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According to the research of ISuppli, although be compared,the shipment of HDD increased the corresponding period first quarter last year 12.2% , but with the four seasons spent photograph comparing to drop however 2006 4.7% . If that is insufficient still, the price of light fathered to compress HDD again during this the gain space of main supplier.

Deliver goods to HDD for, after four quarters holiday sells busy season first quarter often is a fatigued and weak season. Nevertheless, first quarter successional dropping is in the computer the market has what happen below surprising driving demand. Volume of HDD industry shipment achieves 114 million first quarter, did not achieve 118 million when ISuppli forecasts.
ISuppli stores senior analyst Krishna Chander points out the system: "Because compete,aggravate and demand way are changed first quarter, the price is compressed. Supplier of 6 big HDD: Rare nimble science and technology, western data company, day establishs round-the-world memory (the strong competition that electron of GST) , SamSung, Fuji is connected and Toshiba company stores at PC of the shift in handling the market. In the market of jotter PC HDD that tries to enter this rapid growth when, all products that these companies offerred likeness. All products that these companies offerred likeness..

Chander complements to be in consumptive electron market, many dishes 3.5 inches of SATA/PATA HDD also are faced with a high capacity price pressure, because supplier of driver of every hard disk enlarged the memory capacity of this kind of product, they use perpendicular magnetism to record a technology (PMR) realized every dish of design of a 160GB.

Intense competition reduced the gain space of most HDD supplier and profit margin. Hoped first quarter 2007 the gross profit of nimble science and technology from a year before 24.3% drop 21.3% , namely this company is bought step the level before develop. The net income of rare nimble science and technology drops from the 274 million dollar a year ago 212 million dollar.

Western data the gross profit first quarter from a year before 19.3% drop to be nodded a few times 15.7% , nevertheless, as contrary as general trends, the first quarter net income of this company rises to 121 million dollar from the 103 million dollar a year ago. Day establishs GST net first quarter loss 150 million dollar, the quarter before exceeding a year the net loss of 460 thousand dollar. Ability mixes similar Xijieke western the company of data faces the challenge that increases gross profit. A when answer this challenge simple way is the supplier that gives them apply pressure the cost that purchases raw material in order to reduce them, namely disk, magnetic head, motor, disk is packed etc. ISuppli believes above supplies chamber of commerce to be forced to reduce its cost 5 percent.

Reduce the set up a pole and see its shadow-get instant results of a profit of HDD price: It can reduce the systematic cost of PC. More outstanding is, lower price can make HDD is mixed if be based on,replace memory solution with what store at jotter PC data show the solid state hard disk that put (SSD) happening more competes. Cheaper HDD can defer the SSD osmosis to jotter system, OK and indirect ground lets HDD manufacturer be benefited.
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