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Brilliant of semiconductor lighting company can photoelectricity finishs financi
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Always power Xie Zhong of general manager of office of investment Beijing delegate is tall express when accepting media to interview, brilliant of semiconductor lighting company can photoelectricity already finished 40 million dollar the 2nd round last week financing, but did not disclose particular investment orgnaization and information of other finance affairs.
Brilliant can photoelectricity Ceng Yu is first-run last year in April 10 million dollar of financing, investment just includes GSR, Mayfield and always power investment. This year in Feburary, brilliant can photoelectricity " material of diode of silicon underlay glow and parts of an apparatus " first phase project is formal start working.
Brilliant can photoelectricity is dedicated spend glow diode with production Gao Liang at research and development. The company uses silicon to do LED underlay, cost is had in the market quite competition ability, a few what can achieve enterprise of Led of beautiful day main trend to make cost. Information source:

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