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Hailishi denies a stage to accumulate report to may buy its plant of 8 inches of
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On June 20 message, hailishi denies manufacturer of Korea memory chip now the report that the stage accumulates report to may buy next its chip plants.
According to our country Taiwan " economic daily " report, the 3rd season may buy stage accumulating electricity force of go into business person 8 inches of factories. Spokesman Park Hyun accepts Hailishi express when telephone special interview, this report is disloyal, hailishi and stage are accumulated any negotiation did not undertake between report. He expresses, about 8 inches of factories, hailishi considered multiple choice, still do not have decide on a verdict at present nevertheless.
In studying a report on June 3, Zheng Mingkai of analyst of Lyons negotiable securities expresses, stage accumulating report is likely will in order to be as high as the price of 1 billion dollar, buy next Korea Hailishi plant of a chip. Information source:

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