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Intel " Chinese box " remove heat of Dai Yan of sale feather spring to close to
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The processor of machine of table of Intel box outfit that Intel uses Chinese brand to pack is formal face city, to be based on Intel cruel farsighted those who use Cheng of 65 pay the metric system is small system framework, brand-new gallop series of double nucleus E2000, include E2160 and E2140. The part that is in Beijing sells, can have seen these " Chinese box " .

First Chinese that this is Intel throughout history is packed, the Intel before this uses unified English to pack way in the whole world. The case that its sell in China installs table machine processor to pack brand of phase in Chinese, increase the promotion strength that packs processor in the light of Chinese brand.

In the meantime, accompany soft hand in of the meeting kick off, the activity of summertime sales promotion that Intel took the lead in pulling open 125 cities of its whole nation in Dalian. Activity of this sales promotion will from June the bottom begins, arrive continuously all the time summer vacation ended August. The activity will enclothe 125 cities of countrywide, include to conduct multiform promotion activity.

Additional it is reported, feather the spokesman that the spring will regard this as second activity, will be cruel farsighted framework quantity has something made to order personally mobile song. 2006, the early in the morning of Intel enemy, AMD ever invited famous rich advocate Xu Jinglei Dai Yan its move 64 times processor, deepened AMD to be in of home famous degree lead with the influence. Ask this the musical circle is evergreen Dai Yan of assorted feather spring, also be regarded of Intel strong strike back.

As Intel newest 5 are based on cruel of farsighted framework gallop of double nucleus processor and contest raise processor roll out, product of this company the whole line already arrived via transferring cruel farsighted framework, during product of summer vacation computer sells a height, this company offers throughout history most rich cruel farsighted framework product line, include the processor of 4 nucleuses, double nucleus and odd nucleus among them. Information source:

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