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Qualitative inspect branch reminds inferior outlet socket hides " is killed mach
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Ning Bo hunts down 10 to be suspected of producing rejected product business

Branch of qualitative inspect of city of Zhejiang province peaceful wave is right recently partial outlet electrical outlet produced an enterprise to begin assault inspection, investigate the company that is suspected of producing rejected product in all 10, hunt down the plug electrical outlet that is suspected of product quality problem 8470, semi-manufactured goods more than 4000, power supply cord 1350.

In recent years, the abidance that waits for raw material price as copper rises, the manufacturer of electrical outlet of outlet of a few production begins to use the iron with relatively low price piece, the material such as iron wire replaces cupreous material, produce cost in order to drop a product, seek expedience. In this second examination, in kind brook city Shi Qiaohong amounts to factory of plastic electric equipment inside, execute the law personnel discovery, 216 when this enterprise produces multi-purpose insert seat surface board insert a foot to all be iron piece be done; Use as 1031 of converter power supply cord single-phase and triode the cut area that cannot weigh the cupreous wire inside plug is less than 0.5 square millimeter, far the relevant requirement under national level. In addition, still 2 enterprises are existing to not have " 3C " attestation certificate and risk the appearance that uses attestation letter.

Professional personage says, the stand or fall of production material of plug, sleeve, power supply cord and terminal decides plug electrical outlet not only the accident of the safety performance of the product and service life, the life of the person that also concerning to use directly is safe. With plug bolt with iron piece replace sheet copper to be exemple, brass plating nickel is used to make bolt normally in say plug product commonly, if use iron piece replace sheet copper, because what use material conductivity and copper,differ very far, and Tieyisheng becomes rusty, will make plug is inserted when closing, with socket osculatory resistor increases, overheat will be brought about when electrify to load, cause in-house flash over, face plate to scorch, lower product service life thereby, serious when cause fire extremely easily still. Additionally overheat still can make the insulation property of insulating material is damaged, lose even, cause accident of leakage of electricity thereby, cause person harm getting an electric shock.

To this, pledge inspect branch reminds: Agency is in electrical outlet of outlet of choose and buy when the product must from normal channel replenish onr's stock, the business charter that examines manufacturer home in time and ask for sale bill. If consumer wants to buy this kinds of product, had better go consuming a place normally, the product that has quality problem to suspicion can be dialed 12365 complain inform against. (reporter Xuan Jun signs up for)
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