The expert reminds: Danger calls when the mobile phone charges

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A lot of people encounter ability, because be afraid of those who delay a phone to receive,listen, often make the mobile phone is in switch on the mobile phone condition charges. But, if be received when charge,call, letter of colour of bell of colour of hair short message, online download, play game to wait, meeting adversary machine, person and batteries cause harm.

When the voltage prep above when mobile phone batteries is charging bides his time, if undertake receiving calling waiting operating at the same time, in communicate or join the instantaneous voltage of the network can exceed at ordinary times a lot of times, the component that makes mobile phone interior easily sensitive is harmed, bring about a mobile phone to give trouble easily thereby; Next, the radiate of the mobile phone when charging also prep above at ordinary times, if communicate,can cause very big effect to human body right now.

For this, the expert reminds user of broad mobile phone, in switch on the mobile phone when condition charges, had better not undertake receiving calling waiting operating, best method is to configure equipment to use cell.


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