What home appliance should pregnant woman be far from?

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Electromagnetic wave tries scientific and meticulously very hard to the influence of human body ascertain, because collaboration of all sorts of put together of different environment element are used at human body, and do very hard track investigation for a long time. Whether can the electromagnetic wave that all sorts of electric home appliances

Microwave oven microwave has very strong fuel factor, microwave oven used this one feature just about, inside short time vibration heats the water element inside food, achieve heat, boil feed a purpose, because this microwave oven can generate powerful electromagnetic wave. One studies the result makes clear, from microwave oven 15 centimeters are in, lowest of magnetic field intensity is 100 MG, highest amount to 300 MG.

Investigation of medicine of electric heat blanket makes clear, electric heat blanket contacts the skin directly, make rest the cell of condition is in electromagnetic wave for long in, can pose obstacle of human body health. Count centimeter of part from electric heat blanket, magnetic field intensity is amounted to 20 - 50 MG, and its electromagnetism intensity also achieves nearly 2 KVM (intensity of the electromagnetism below electrical wiring of 50 V high pressure is 3 KVM) . The generation after strong electromagnetism field can make the person sleeps is unwell, so pregnant woman had better not use electric heat blanket. Additionally the report says, the pregnant woman of blanket of use electric heat produces abortion to reach unusual the pregnant woman that birth rate prep above does not use electric heat blanket.

The electromagnetic wave that television TV generates and the electromagnetic wave that terminal monitor generates are similar. Contact the electromagnetic wave of terminal monitor or television for long, can cause the symptom such as eyeball ache, exhaustion, can bring about unbalanced and abortion, stillborn foetus, fetal birth even.

The application with the computer development as electronic technology and wider and wider computer, more and more people need to operate and manage the computer, mix all day computer contact with, mix especially video terminal contact with, osculatory frequency is tall, operation time is long. Institute of science of Beijing labor protection and institute of project of some system medicine ever were opposite for many times the computer radiate of concerned branch undertook be metricaled actually, the result shows, the upside of computer and the place such as two side all exceed bid, exceed mark to arrive severalfold commonly a few times, highest amount to 45 times. So pregnant woman should use computer less as far as possible.

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