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Digital family " is interconnection each other connected " do you know term how
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Digital family: ナ of  aim Yi invades father children's hair to tasty  of チ of act of  of brilliant of  of ü of Bin of course of study is wrung irrigate  ㄐ occasionally basketry  beanstalk changes bluff  enlighten aim ā of ネ of  of チ of full of copy of Lai of  of Mei Jin children's hair protects  Gu Si to kiss Cui to conceive Wo Ь to besmear

HDMI: Analyse of ⑽ graceful  just 癏 Igh Definition Multimedia " , the interface of multimedia of means high definition of Chinese. HDMI interface can offer the data that is as high as 5Gbps to transmit bandwidth, can convey to reach signal of high resolution video without compression frequency signal.

DVI:(Digital Visual Interface, digital video interface) appear earlier than HDMI, defect is to cannot transmit digital frequency signal.

HTPC: The English abbreviate of Ome Theater Personal Computer of 荋 of analyse of ⑽ graceful  , it is the meaning of " of personal computer of " family movie theater. Say simply, it is a personal computer that pays attention to multimedia function particularly. Exact say, take on with the computer namely signal source and pilot family movie theater, namely one installed all sorts of multimedia decipher to broadcast software beforehand, can use correspondence to broadcast all sorts of image news media, have all sorts of interface, can be like equipment of word of frequency of enharmonic of amplifier of decoder of monitor of television, projector, plasma, frequency, frequency with a variety of indication equipment the personal computer that join uses.

HDCP:(Agreement of protection of content of high-definition number of High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection)

Digital TV: (Digital TV) is not is a kind of television! It was to include from produce a film, send, transmit reception whole process, it is to give TV user to offer a kind " service " , say simply, digital TV DTV films namely, editor, make, transmit, receive wait for whole process to use digital technology (namely signal is used completely 0 and 1 express) TV system.

Digital TV includes SDTV of digital HDTV, number and digital LDTV3 to plant. 3 person what distinction basically depends on picture quality and channel transmitting place to occupy bandwidth is different. From the point of visual effect, above of digital HDTV(1000 line) for high definition TV (the abbreviation of High Definition Television) , the horizontal;SDTV(500-600 line that picture quality can be achieved or is close to 35mm panavision) namely standard definition TV, the resolution that basically is corresponding and existing TV measures level, its picture quality is line of studio level;LDTV(200-300) namely common definition TV, the resolution that basically is corresponding and existing VCD measures level. Because TV digitlizes the trend that will be henceforth completely, if do not have special specification,carry HDTV and SDTV, LDTV at present so, all point to system of total number word.
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