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Decorate new residence how to choose healthy kitchen home appliance
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Enter autumn, gas of fine fine day is added gradually much, new round family decorates a height coming. Common saying says " poor hall visitting office, rich see a kitchen " , as people living standard rise, the house buys older more, decorate more and more exquisite also, the kitchen gives birth to vivid centre of gravity in the future as the family, the nutrition of concern family person and health, more cannot careless. A lot of consumer pay close attention to kitchen electric equipment at ordinary times less, face the brand with the complex numerous and complicated on the market, do not know how to should choose temporarily.
In general, the principle that chooses healthy kitchen home appliance has the following:
1, brand kimono Wu is the most important
The product of internationalization old brand is purchased in component, each link such as control of manufacturing technology, quality have firm standard demand, quality is compared commonly reliable, and after service system is perfect, can absolve the trouble back at home of consumer. The product that selects old brand has been everybody's consensus. But, as a result of the Chinese's cooking habit and west differ, chinese cooking likes decoct to fry boil blast, lampblack is heavier, need machine of big attraction lampblack and big fire to light gas cooking stove; Euramerican habit eats Western-style food, lampblack is lighter, attraction of its lampblack machine and firepower of kitchen burning gas are general and lesser. Accordingly, the proposal does not choose the exotic that transforms without Chinese type easily.
2, choose health, weigh environmental protection
The kitchen is main pollution source of the family, the kitchen is a family at the same time the center of life enjoyment. Kitchen home appliance regards a kitchen as medium core component, is crucial!
Kitchen pollution basically has radiate of lampblack pollution, noise pollution, electromagnetism to wait. Lampblack is so-called of female health " invisible killer " , not only harmful breath is healthy, and can stimulate the skin, make the skin is sent yellow, rough, make a hair yellow bifurcate, lose flexibility. Classics medicine home considers to confirm, noise can cause audition injury, have a headache, flustered, insomnia, whole body faint, memory drops, heighten of arrhythmia, hemal convulsion, blood pressure, inappetence, disgusting vomiting, cause the disease such as chronic gastritis and cankerous disease, also cannot overlook.
When home appliance of kitchen of choose and buy, must have a look at the function that has healthy, environmental protection. Be like, lampblack machine attraction is enough big, noise is lesser. At present card of Er of a sea " wind act " lampblack machine is OK screen lampblack, should be right choice.
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