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Cent door lights gas to warm oneself furnace: In use aggrandizement is superinte
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Heating season passes, the air quality of Beijing had improvement apparently. The dweller experience that this Beijing answers dragon to watch a village is the most apparent. What differ with other village is, this village warms oneself cause air to pollute a problem particularly conspicuous, because tens of thousands of house here is civil, is equipment of a kind of new-style heating -- , cent door lights gas heating furnace.
Dividing a furnace of heating burning gas is the heating equipment that the last few years just introduces from abroad, the impetus of development is very swift and violent. Although the advertisement on the media such as press TV is not much, but all sorts of the article that the product recommends meeting and sale business to be published on him website, let this kind of new product leave quite good impression in people memory however. A few more advanced in time, cent door lighted gas heating furnace to become the delegate of the heating equipment of energy-saving, environmental protection, be economical simply, be European high-grade life is indicative. A few distributors claim in his propagandist article: Cent door lights gas heating furnace to be able to be achieved discharge do not have pollution completely, and very energy-saving, than concentration heating can save the 1/3 money that is a half even; It is OK that cent door lights gas heating furnace the time that oneself dominate heating and temperature, it is the revolution of heating means; European people uses device of this kind of heating in his villa, this kind of equipment is in Euramerican wait for a developed country to replacing concentration the traditional heating means such as heating; China also should develop to this direction. Then, the issued cheerfully not to want to center heating and want a cent door to light gas heating furnace with development business autograph contract when many people buy a house, return somebody to sign even agree to develop business to center the some in original program heating cancels, exchange a hanging of thousands of yuan of money to light gas heating furnace.
However, after new interest passes, the malpractice of furnace of heating burning gas is shown came out. The air that Beijing answers dragon to watch a village is polluted even if one erupts dot. Answering Long Guan is a know exactly about sth the economy of 10 thousand dwellers is applicable room village, to reduce economy applicable room cost, used furnace burning gas to divide a heating. The resident that begins here does not have what opinion to this, but arrived heating season, tens of thousands of furnace burning gas an upblaze, what the dweller of the village felt air is polluted is serious. Arrived especially in the evening, everybody returned the home to open furnace burning gas, if baric again on the low side a few, community of the view that answer dragon everywhere flue gas diffuses, always can smell in air a kind of flavour that burns a briquet. Because light the combustion that enrage furnace,this is inadequate and send out the flavour of the 2 oxidation sulfur that go out.
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