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Shallow a few when talk about loudspeaker system basic parameter
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Loudspeaker system (sound box of – of LOUDSPEAKER) – – is sound equipment in a of the richest individual character, to checking the sound box of index close, difference of its rebroadcast audio is very big, this also is sound box is put have " British sound " , " American sound " one of reasons that wait for a view.

Sound box divides structure, use driving unit outside, still offer basic parameter to offer reference. Although technical parameter not as can complete as subjective evaluation be identical, but what no less than points out in authoritative IEC-581-7 standard: "Although people is at present extensive technology of used guest observation quantity is impossible to make comprehensive estimation to the replay quality of loudhailer, but the fundamental condition that observation of this kind of guest measures a technology to be able to offer loudhailer to work to people however " .

Frequency limits (the frequency range that Frequency Range) represents actual sound reproduction, have bigger rise and fall, it is with apogee of sound pressure level namely fiducial, to two end outspread, drop the corresponding frequency range that stipulates DB is in. Determine for the standard with – 3dB and – 6dB uniformity normally. What need points out is the frequency limits index that does not bring ± DB number be no point.

Sensitivity (Sensitivity) normally in order to input 1W signal when, the sound that in 1m far local place produces controls a cost, it is an input namely to 8W impedance when 2.83V signal, the sound that in 1m far local place produces controls a cost. Sound pressure level is higher, the sensitivity of sound box is taller. Call sensitivity below low sensitivity in 85dB normally, those who be more than 90dB weigh tall sensitivity.

Nominal impedance (the function that the impedance of Nominal Impedance) loudhailer is its job frequency, its rated impedance is impedance curve to go up to arrive from low frequency high frequency the first dinky value after the first syntonic peak. The impedance of sound box wait for a variety of elements to decide by network of the phonic group of loudhailer unit, scale down, far the impedance character that compares loudhailer comes complexly.

Bear power (Maximan Power) , applicable power (Power Handling) bears power can be divided long-term (Long Term) and short-term (Short Term) , former show loudhailer can be not lack fidelity of sound reproduction long electric power of the biggest safe input; The greatest short time that latter points to to loudhailer can be not destroyed inputs electric power. Applicable power is to show loudhailer can be long the limits of input electric power that does not work normally below concessional distortion factor more than. To whole sound box its bear power is not all loudhailer power to be worth the sum, and bear with low frequency loudhailer power value is same.
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